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Sporty Skirt

Sporty Skirt

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Slit detailed sports skirt. Made of raschel fabric with a shiny texture, the skirt has an elastic waist and a high waist.

This skirt is made of raschel fabric, known for its durability and softness. With its shiny texture, it adds a touch of glamour to your athletic wear collection.

The skirt features an elastic waistband, providing a comfortable and secure fit during your active pursuits. The elastic waist ensures freedom of movement and flexibility, allowing you to focus on your performance without any restrictions. The high waist design adds a flattering and stylish element, accentuating your waistline and elongating your silhouette

Designed with a fashionable slit detail, this sports skirt combines functionality and style. The slit allows for enhanced breathability and ease of movement, perfect for activities such as running, yoga, or gym workouts. It adds a chic and modern flair to your athletic ensemble, making you stand out from the crowd.

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