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Magnet For Miracles Unisex Cap

Magnet For Miracles Unisex Cap

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Baseball cap with a "Magnet For Miracles" quote embroidered at the front. Features a curved brim & finished with an adjustable strap at the back.

Content + Care
- %65 Polyester  %35 Polyviscon   

- Circumference: Adjustable

Introducing our fashionable baseball cap designed to inspire and uplift. This cap features a captivating embroidery detail at the front, showcasing the quote "Magnet For Miracles." With its curved brim, adjustable strap at the back, and a fabric composition of 65% Polyester and 35% Polyviscon, this cap combines style, comfort, and durability.

The front of the cap is adorned with the embroidered quote "Magnet For Miracles," serving as a reminder of the power of positivity and attracting positive energy into your life. This uplifting message adds a touch of inspiration to your outfit, making it a standout feature that sets this cap apart from the rest. Let your cap be a symbol of your belief in the extraordinary.

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