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Black One Piece Swimwear/Body

Black One Piece Swimwear/Body

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It is an alter collar sports swimsuit.

The swimsuit that we have produced from shiny fabric is inner-lined and lycra. It was detailed with a neon logo. Thanks to its flexible structure, it takes the shape of your body. In terms of hygiene rules, no change is made as soon as the hygiene tape is removed. 

This swimsuit is crafted from a shiny fabric that catches the eye and offers a unique and fashionable look. It is inner-lined and made with lycra, providing a comfortable and supportive fit.

The swimsuit features a neon logo detail, adding a vibrant and energetic touch to the overall design. The logo stands out against the shiny fabric, making a bold statement and enhancing the sporty aesthetic of the swimsuit.

Designed with a flexible structure, this swimsuit molds to the shape of your body, offering a customized and flattering fit. Whether you're swimming, engaging in water sports, or simply lounging by the pool, this swimsuit provides both style and functionality.

For your convenience and hygiene, the swimsuit is equipped with a removable hygiene tape. Once the tape is removed, there are no alterations or changes made to the swimsuit. This ensures that you can enjoy your swim without any compromises to hygiene standards.

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